Grief doesn’t stop after the funeral, which is why aftercare for the bereaved is so important. Our staff are trained to help families through their road to recovery, and we have the resources and expertise to help you move forward. If you are ever in need of aftercare, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.




The care we provide to our families does not stop once the funeral service is over.  Following the service, our Family Care Advisor, Lori Moore, will contact the family, see if we can be of any further assistance, and provide you with an aftercare packet that answers many of the “what do I do now that the service is over” questions.  Also at this meeting, Lori will return any items to the family and obtain signatures for any necessary documents such as insurance documents.  The family will also receive a memorial gift from our Needham-Storey-Wampner family.

Other ways we reach out to our families throughout the years include luncheons, our Annual Christmas Service and, our biggest event of all, our Walk to Remember.  Continue to visit our website and/or Facebook page to learn about upcoming events and activities.

The Walk to Remember

The walk is held every year on the Saturday before Memorial Day at our Grant Memorial Park Cemetery.  This ceremony is open to anyone in the community, and families did not have to use our funeral home or cemetery to attend.  We know the importance of ceremony to help with the grieving process and, therefore, offer this to anyone who has experienced a loss.  The walk begins with a brief introduction and prayer.  Family members are then led on a 1-mile walk around the cemetery followed by the release of balloons and reading of names which are obtained through registering for the walk.  Our staff then serves a lunch of Memorial Day favorites--hot dogs and chips. Continue to visit our website's Events & Involvment page and/or Facebook to find additional information about the walk.

Annual Christmas Service

As we know, ceremony is of great importance to move forward in the grieving process. The Annual Christmas Service allows family members to remember and reflect as they listen to special speakers and music. The service includes a candle lighting ceremony with the reading of your loved one’s name which is obtained through registration. The service takes place in a chapel located at our North Chapel. It is decorated in the warmth of Christmas and provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for our families. The service is followed by refreshments in The Community Room located adjacent from where the service is held. Continue to visit our website's Events & Involvment page and/or Facebook to find additional information about the Christmas Service

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